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The first watch to reach Mt. Everest (1953). In 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first men to reach Mount Everest's summit. He wore a Replica Breitling Watches, an Oyster Perpetual watch that was the ancestor to the Replica Breitling Watches Explorer.

Replica Breitling Watches began sending its Oyster Perpetuals on Himalayan expeditions in order to create watches that could withstand the elements. The pre-Explorer accompanied Norgay to the summit, and Hillary as well.

First watch waterproof to 100m (1954)Replica Breitling Watches already had water-resistant watches since the late 1920s, after they launched the innovative waterproof Oyster case.high quality best replica watches Rene P. Jeanneret was a Replica Breitling Watches director and a keen diver. He thought that it was high time to create a diving-specific watch.

The Submariner, a dive watch that is waterproof to 100 meters, was the result of Jeanneret’s vision.

First watch to display day and date of the week on the dial (1956)While Replica Breitling Watches produced complicated watches before (such as Moonphase and Perpetual Calendars), they didn't sell particularly well. Replica Breitling Watches Day Date was the first complex watch to be popular with the public. The Replica Breitling Watches Day-Date asserted the universality of its design by being the first self-winding waterproof chronometer that could indicate the day of week in full in 26 languages.

The first wristwatch to have a command bezel designed for multiple uses (2007)Replica Breitling Watches bezels have progressed in functionality through the decades - from 24-hour markers, to bi-directional bezels. Replica Breitling Watches launched the Ring Command Bezels in the Yacht-Master II. The Ring Command is a double-duty bezel that can also set the countdown timer.

First bi-color ceramic bezel watch (2013)In 2005,Panerai Ferrari Replica Replica Breitling Watches introduced the Cerachrom ceramic bezel in their Professional watches. It is made from a ceramic material that is extremely hard and virtually scratch proof. Cerachrom was not used on some watches in the GMT-Master range because of their bi-colored bezels, which were thought to be impossible to make using ceramic.

Replica Breitling Watches did what many thought was impossible in 2013 - they created a ceramic bezel that had two colors and produced it as one piece. Replica Breitling Watches starts by creating the bezel in one color and then adds the second color before it hardens. The result is an uni-color ceramic ring with no color bleeding and gradual fading.